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The team has 30 + years across several key industries, supporting very high value projects as well as portfolios of minor projects.

Whilst project scopes will of course vary, often the project control techniques and processes are similar. Its only the extent of their application thatwill need to be adjusted to ensure practical delivery and added value.


Getting an early start with project control is ideal - allowing processes, personnel and systems to get sorted before the main event. But also quick wins are often targeted to demonstrate added value - e.g. get a baseline up, set an overall plan, compile the estimate, create a critical path plan, lead a team, or meet a specific contract obligation.

Our goal is to efficiently satisfy all the priority project control targets.

Current thinking

The project controls discipline is becoming more recognised, particularly now in large value infrastructure. Systems in the web are becoming more accessible and affordable. ISO standards are being published and competency training is developing.

Where required we will alsoencourage process improvement, support change and staff development.

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